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The secret is out!

Nestled in a little-known valley in the Karoo lies the village of Murraysburg.  
The little town with the big heart.

Framed by the beautiful Sneeuberg mountains on one side and the Buffalo River and stunning Karoo scenery on the others, Murraysburg is a town that time has almost passed by.

It is a town for all seasons, and for all reasons, that captures the essence of the pristine Karoo and it's wonderful people better than any other town we know.

Someone described its special appeal as being more about what it is not, than what it is.

We like to think of it as our beautiful secret, and we would like to share our secret with you...


Calendar 2016


8 - Skoolvakansiedag
9 - Nasionale Vrouedag
17 - Tuinbou
17 - VLV



Rooidam Project Announcement Monday, 18 July 2016

The Murraysburg Sustainable Development Council (MSDC) is pleased to announce that Tenders for the rehabilitation of the town's historic Rooidam irrigation system were published today.
It is envisaged that a contractor will be selected by the end of August and that work will commence shortly thereafter.

For more background information on the project please click on the link: