The bird life in Murraysburg is something unique with the Verreaux or Black Eagle in abundance. A wide variety of smaller eagles and falcons is to be seen like the Jackal Buzzard, Black Chested Snake Eagle, Black Shouldered Kite, Cape Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Greater Kestrel and Nightjar too many to name all.  Even the Martial Eagle can be seen once in a while.

Along the perennial Buffalo River you may be so fortunate to hear Fish Eagle calling from time to time, and at Badsfontein’s dam you will find the Flamingo.  There you can also sight the Pigmy Kingfisher and Giant Kingfisher as well as the rare Ground Woodpecker.  The area is privileged to have our national bird the Blue Crane as a resident.

This area is a bird watcher's paradise for on any given day one can spot about 100 species. Over the years there have been about 269 bird species recorded by the regular bird watchers.  Come and help us record al those that have eluded us up to now.

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