Huis Spitskop Old Age Home

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In recent years the care of the elderly has been highlighted extensively through various legislative guidelines and other protocols internationally and nationally and a call for decisive action was made to follow the road of reconciliation and problem solving.

A significant milestone in the history of ageing in South Africa was reached with the signing of the Older Persons Act

(Act 13 of 2006) into law during October 2006.  The Act highlights the contribution of civil society in the protection and the promotion of the rights of Older Persons.

It is therefore reliant on institutions like Huis Spitskop to provide the necessary safety net to ensure dignity, respect, advancing self-worth, family and community care and support to older persons in Murraysburg and its surrounding areas.

Huis Spitskop was established by the Dutch Reformed Church Synod, and the memorial plaque revealed by the late Mrs F Siebert, wife of the late Ds JH Siebert on 6 March 1981.  Thereafter, Huis Spitskop was registered as a non-profit organization on 5 July 1999 followed by the registration on 12 February 2014 as a residential facility to accommodate 52 older persons at the level of providing frail care. Currently, Huis Spitskop is undergoing a restructuring process whereby the facility was donated to the Governing Body by the Dutch Reformed Church Synod and the processes of revising the constitution and the development of policies and procedures are unfolding.  Like with every new process, it becomes essential to make certain changes and the Governing Body summoned the process of appointing a new manager and assistant manager to tackle the many challenges facing Huis Spitskop. Mrs Raylene van der Merwe was appointed as the new manager and Ms Patty Mac Pherson as the Assistant Manager with effect from 1 February 2017. As a non-profit organisation, Huis Spitskop and its sustainable future of providing care to the elderly and frail, relies heavily on government funding as well as donations and other support from the public and business entities.  The Murraysburg community has always been very supportive over the years in this

regard and the fundraising events throughout the year provides a unique opportunity to address specific needs for the improvement of the residential facility.

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