Murraysburg is a real jewel in the Karoo with its unique topography of incredible mountains and valleys and the stretched out shrub and grass planes with Sweet Thorn Acacias which bestow upon us the particularly rich animal life.

Antelope species from Steen buck, Grey Duiker, Klipspringer, Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebok, Impala, Springbuck and Kudu are naturally found here, with the Fallow Deer to be found in certain areas.

Naturally where there is game and livestock available we will find predators like Caracal and Black-backed Jackal whose numbers exploded in the last few years.  In the Sneeuberg area there even is some evidence of a leopard or two.  Further there are the smaller scavengers like the Bateared Fox, Cape Fox, African Wild Cat and Genets in the ecosystem.  We are very fortunate to have the rare Black-footed Cat (also known as the Small-spotted Cat,) which is classified as Vulnerable on the red data listing, in our area and it is often seen at night.

In short the Murraysburg district is so privileged to provide the habitat for about 50 mammal species, 40 reptile species and about 50 butterfly species, surely something to be proud of.

Click here for a list of mammals in the area

Click here for a list of reptiles and amphibians.

We would like to thank Karoo National Park, SANParks for providing us with the list.