The history of Murraysburg



Like all parts of the Karoo this region has a large wealth of fossils. On many farms fossils are found and many specimens were removed and taken to museums where they can be studied by paleontologists.  A visit to the district can be worthwhile for somebody interested in the creation of the earth as it is today.

After the extinction of plant and animal life like the giant reptiles in the Central Karoo through changes in the temperature, ice age, volcanic eruptions and even the collision with the meteorites, a new natural life slowly developed over several millennia.  The Karoo was now able to support human life.  Those were the San (the Bushman).

Thrinaxodon - Brookfield

San and Khoi
The Town
Andrew Murray
BJJ Burger
Anglo Boer War



Murraysburg 150 years (Privately Published in 2011)
Izak Malherbe
Charl Conradie
Alida Pienaar