Murraysburg Book Club April 2018

Lina Van den Berg  –  June 16, 2018


Penny Rodel hosted the April 2018 meeting of the local Book Club. The authors are all young, female South African writers.

The following books were discussed:

  1. Always another country – Sisonke Msimang : This book is personal and political and shows us that we need to give up our fantasies of heroes liberating us, and that we need to become our own heroes.
  2. Tannie Maria and the Satanic Mechanic – Sally Andrew:  The second book in the Tannie Maria Murder Mysteries is as entertaining as the first was. And again all takes place in the familiar surrounds of the Klein Karoo. The uniqueness of the story is once again the recipes woven through the narrative with each one drawn up to help with someone’s personal problems.
  3. The girl from Simon’s Bay – Barbara Mutch:  Our heroine, Louise Ahrendts is of mixed race and in 1937 South Africa, there are few careers open to her. But she’s always dreamt of becoming a nurse. The characters live, the pace is well balanced and the outcome not quit what the reader might expect.