Sewing training dream

Bruce McLachlan  –  November 17, 2018


I would like to outline the hope and commitment I regard as important to achieve some meaningful contribution to the Klein Karoo at large and to the Murraysburg community.
I have been in the greater clothing manufacturing industry for forty years. As a formally trained, qualified patternmaker of the old school I am fully conversant with proper pattern making standards, sizing and grading scale criteria, range building and garment construction methods for production.
I recently experienced the consequences of a disability regarding career and independent living means, finding the need to apply for assisted living and stability to survive in a dignified and helpful environment as an essential matter.
Spitskop has provided all the help I urgently needed. At first, upon my arrival from Cape Town on 27 September 2018, I was placed in a comfortable room inside the main building, where I got to know everybody and found incredible kindness and support.
Mrs Ria Kuhn and Patti Mc Person have encouraged me to take up sewing again after Management provided a domestic sewing machine and overlocker for my use and moving me to premises on the property that are large enough.
I am excited about this prospect as I have discovered that I am ostensibly the only qualified and trained professional tailor and dressmaker in a radius of four hundred km and the meaning of this fortunate occurrence has major ramifications for the home and for the Murraysburg community.
Spitskop needs to be highly creative to source the means to sustain and provide the amazing care that they offer as there is no supermarket chain around the corner to collect “sell by” dated foodstuffs and provisions.
Their situation in a charming village can have a positive effect which could benefit the local population where there is serious unemployment. The Spitskop premises has massive potential for attracting clientele for sewing and garment retail as well as space on the property for a monthly produce market.
Furthermore I have volunteered to assist in the setting-up of a sewing-training project to reach the local community.
We need to bring fabric and notions back for general availability which sales can support the Home as well as be of benefit to the area.
My intention is to create a sewing hive to teach basic production methods and practical garment production which will provide direct income to local participants by marketing highly fashionable garments which reflect a fully South African handwriting .
To attract cultural relevance to the area it will be of consequence to convene an arts and music festival such as Oppi koppie right here in the Great Karoo!
I hope that your newspaper will be instrumental in disseminating information for awareness and to inform as to this start-up idea for reaching interested expertise and resources to succeed.
Attached you will find a pic of the garments I make and propose for availability.
These are not much, but the start of potential styling and are not limiting in design and range creation.
I hope that this last run of my life, after an extensive working career, can add value and make a difference to my life and be of value and hope to many as I see making use of my mind, hands and experience being used to create and bring peace, joy and good business to this charming village and to the greater Great Karoo community.
Warm regards
Stephen Keys-Transfeldt (065 986 0132)